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Alexa. com is not one popule Google and Yahoo but in the presence alexa really determines to surfer beyond seas preferably at USA. There are many excess which we will find at for example get code widget as determining as page rank your sites the same as page rank which had by Google. available a lot of distinctive page rank alexa's squires. With page rank belongs to Google. E.g.. At Nomerik Ranking of means unbordered sites its more and more trafik therefore more and more too appreciative rank that you gets. Even see if there is sites of our friend that utilizes page rank from can reach point 10.123 even point it until hundreds thousand Nah if at areas appreciative Google its of 0 until numeral 10 to reach numbers 4 or 5 just distress it an a half dead. And at widget belongs to aleksa besides arise rank's point of our sites also arise total linked that is at in sites( trackback, link back)What utility link back / trackbac who arose by widget alexa. ? obviously your that tofu more and more backlink what do exist deep one its mean sites that sites has trafikc that tall or visitor that really solid. So of that backlink's data therefore we that do follow can on that sites. How to submit at Submitkan is your sites at, its trick is even is so easy not necessarily log in etcetera Input on following address: lik just earlykemudian leads your cursor go to sidebar's part right looks for writing ‘ LINKED ‘ and that writing click. Or click even draws at sidebar who gets to set down powered by alexa Hereafter home page's afters from emerges therefore lead your cursor go to underside of that page. Sought for and click on item “ WEBMASTER ”, hereafter you will find homepage( alexa's page another one) Then looks for at down section page exist inboc inserts your URL and confirmation click at next door it with the meaning crawls websiteku( look for website I takes for – such guess) and your afters clik that confirmation you will be taken in to other page which is page the most determine. Before you do submit ‘ my tips ‘ study earlier whatever one be at that page. If at aga's part down of that page available box – box a number 20 inbox therefore that is page which I mean. Obviously at upper exists confirmation to do submit. Insert URL your after you insert your url succeeding downs cursor making for on inbox that a number 20 that. its confirmation that you have chance to insert as much 20 search engine besides alexa. And party alexa will pass on that confirmation on search engine that you inserts deep that list. Automatically pihakl which you insert that mengupdate website will you. If you don't have to register search engine, copy paste just searh engine's list that is at that page –kira's guess its amount 11 SEO. Saw? if haven't gone over from the beginning, study gently ala – and gets phase. All through melalukan submit I really suggest on you to look for at writing front page “ widget ” click and gone in for road map it and copi paste codenya. Hopefully utilitarian . .

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